Ways To Keep Your Sales Funnel
Full Year-Round

Over the past few years, marketing has been changed so much. Before the digital revolution, marketing used to be about television, radio, magazines, billboards, etc. After the presence of digital media and an increase in online users, businesses have started using various digital marketing methods.

Nowadays, marketers build sales funnels for achieving their sales goals. If you want to boost sales and generate high-quality leads in your business, the most important thing is the sales funnel. Without a proper sales funnel, you won’t be able to achieve the desired results. This post will explain to you some ways you can keep your sales funnel full year-round. Before that, first, let’s understand what a sales funnel is?

What is a sales funnel?

lead generation funnel
The sales funnel is each step the user has to take in order to become your customer. It is divided into different stages. And each stage of the sales funnel creates an impact on consumer behavior.

To get the best out of the sales funnel, it is imperative to understand each step properly. Without properly understand different stages, you won’t get an idea about how it actually will affect consumer behavior.

At the top of the sales funnel, there’s the low intent audience and at the bottom of the sales funnel, there’s the high intent audience. The duty of a marketer is to nurture and increase the interest of the audience by providing helpful content.

The good thing about the sales funnel is it requires effort once. After you set up and build your sales, it will require little or no effort. It will make the lead generation process automated. One of the challenging parts for most marketers is filling the sales funnel. There are various ways through which businesses can keep their funnel full.

How To Keep Sales Funnel Full Year-Round?

Here are some amazing ways to keep your sales funnel full year-round:

Evergreen webinar campaigns

The first and great way to keep a sales funnel filled with leads is by conducting evergreen webinar campaigns. Evergreen webinars refer to webinar content that stays evergreen and does not expire with the passage of time. Live webinars are temporary and are held only once, while evergreen webinars are automated and can be showed again and again.

This type of webinars is perfect for all forms of product launching or presentation. Evergreen webinars are perfect for selling those products that never go out of date and are demanded by customers all year round.

Target the right online audience

One of the reasons why your sales funnel does not stay filled year-round could be you are targeting the wrong audience. You might have generated a huge number of leads, but if those leads are not quality, it’s not worth it. It is always important to add well-targeted, and quality leads to your sales funnel.

When you target the wrong audience and add the wrong people to your funnel, either they will exit the funnel or stay dead. In a nutshell, your focus needs to be on quality rather than quantity.

Stop cold calling

Do you still use cold calling as your important marketing strategy? Cold calling is basically a sales technique in which a salesperson contacts individuals who have not expressed any interest in the offered products or services. Cold calling cannot help you keep your funnel filled throughout the year. The main problem with this marketing technique is the contacted individual has not shown any interest in the product/service before.

Instead of cold calling, you can consider making prospecting calls. Prospecting is an outbound marketing strategy in which the sales representative makes calls to leads.
account based marketing

Nurture your leads

Generating leads is not enough. You might have generated tons of high-quality leads. After the lead generation, the important thing is nurturing. What many marketers do is once they generate leads, start sending out commercial messages to the leads right away. This strategy cannot deliver the expected results. Nurturing leads is all about sharing helpful information and high-quality content consistently.

According to the data, around 50% of your prospects aren’t going to be a good fit for you right now. In order to make those leads the right fit for you, you need to wait and nurture them.

Focus on the best leads

Marketers often get distracted from prospects or leads that do not provide any results. Don’t worry about selling your product or service to all the leads. Instead, start focusing on your best leads. You need to concentrate more on high value, and most sales-ready leads. When you find out that certain prospects do not make any difference to your sales funnel, spending on your time and money would be just a waste.

When focusing on the quality leads, you may need to drop dead leads. What makes a lead dead? A lead is dead when it doesn’t show any interest, and it can’t be contacted. In this situation, the best thing you can do is let go of those leads.

Provide a ton of value

If you are trying to convert a new lead into a sale without providing any value, you might face difficulty. The best way to provide so much value is by giving your prospects more content. Before the prospect goes ahead and makes a purchase from you, you need to build a relationship and trust factor. To do that, you need to provide a ton of value for free of cost.

By helping prospects with different types of valuable content, they are more likely to buy your recommended product/service. You can provide valuable content through blogs, articles, videos, infographics, ebooks, FAQs, white papers, case studies, tutorials, coupon codes, free trials, etc.

Final Thoughts

For most marketers, keeping the sales funnel full throughout the year is quite a challenging task. Keeping it filled is easier when the right strategies and techniques are implemented. Don’t worry, here we have shared some effective ways you can keep your funnel full year-round.

Instead of focusing on keeping the funnel full with less effective leads, it is advisable to focus on the right strategies that can provide quality leads.
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