Lead Generation Techniques
and Strategies For 2021

The global business scene is constantly changing. While many marketers believe that the only ways of getting new clients for the business are through networking and referrals, we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of other marketing methods that really work and one of those is lead generation. In fact, we can say that lead generation is crucial for many businesses because it helps in generating more sales and contributes to the company’s growth. If you really want to get new clients for your business, it is best to know more about lead generation techniques that can help you generate quality leads at a minimum cost. But before we go any further, let us first make sure that we understand what a lead generation strategy is.

What is a lead generation strategy?

lead generation techniques

A lead generation strategy includes tactics that attract interested audiences toward the business and convert them into leads. A lead is an individual or organization that has expressed an interest in your product or service.

Lead generation is basically a marketing process that grabs the attention of the target audience. After the lead is successfully generated, the next important task is converting that lead into a sale. Depending on the type of your business, your lead generation strategy may differ.

Brands and marketers use various strategies and tactics for converting leads into sales. When it comes to lead generation, quality is always better than quantity. Generating tons of leads may be considered worthless if they are not quality leads.

Lead Generation Techniques & Strategies

Here are some amazing lead generation techniques and strategies that you can use in your business:
1. SEO
Search engine optimization or SEO can be a cost-effective source of high-quality leads. It is basically a process of optimizing your content so you can get higher rankings on giant search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. Getting your website ranked for low competition and high search volume keywords mean more leads. Although SEO may take some time to deliver results, it can provide amazing results when done correctly.
2. PPC Ads
When starting a new website, the main challenge is getting targeted traffic. As a solution, many businesses and marketers prefer running paid advertising campaigns or pay-per-click ads because they can help drive traffic to websites and businesses start getting results instantly. You can generate leads by running ad campaigns on Google search, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other platform.
3. Create Gated Content
Gated content refers to marketing assets that require the user to complete a form, enter an email address, or enter a phone number before being given access to the content. It includes white papers, ebooks, guides, reports, courses, worksheets, online tools, etc. Creating gated content is one of the best and most effective ways to generate leads. When asking for details like an email address or a phone number, you need to offer something valuable. Without providing something valuable, your audience won’t provide you the details. By putting effort once into making gated content, you can keep generating leads.
4. Offer a Discount
You can also generate leads by offering a discount or any coupon. Some people might be interested in your product or service, but they might not be sure whether it’s worth it or not. In this case, you can offer a coupon or discount and try to convert prospects to become more interested in your product/service. Marketers and businesses use this method as a lead magnet. This strategy helps to generate long-term and short-term leads. What many marketers do is they offer discounts to users who join their email list.
lead generation strategy
5. Provide a Free Trial
You may have an amazing product or service, but the question is, how can you make your target audience believe it is? Well, one of the best ways is by providing a free trial or freemium product. This can be effective because before users start trusting your brand, they would want to use your product or service first. Using this marketing strategy, you can attract interested prospects who are not yet ready to buy. The best example is EnFlyer, which is an email marketing platform. The starter plan of EnFlyer is free, which includes 20,000 emails per month, 1000 contacts, email templates, image collections, and live support. Once the prospect uses the product or service, converting that prospect into an actual paying customer becomes easier.
6. Host Webinars
Webinars are online seminars. It is an event held on the internet, attended exclusively by an online audience. The purpose of webinars is to present to the audience your product or service, explain what is unique about it and how it can add value to their lives. It is another effective marketing strategy that can help you generate leads for your business because you can offer it for free, and prospects from anywhere in the world can attend conveniently.
7. Blogging
Blogging is another powerful lead generation technique. Statistics show that B2B marketers who have blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t. Before the user trusts you, you need to show your expertise in the field and the best way to do that is by blogging. By publishing high-quality blog content on your website consistently, you can drive more and more website traffic. The good thing about blogging is, it can help you generate high intent, quality traffic from search engines, which ultimately means more leads.
8. Retargeting
Last but not least, retargeting is another great way to generate quality leads. In this lead generation technique, you need to retarget those users who have engaged with your brand before. When the prospect does not convert during the first interaction, you can remarket your product or service to the same prospect. Under remarketing, you show ads to those users who engaged with your blog, website, or social pages but haven’t taken any action, and believe that they may need to see your product and service several times before they get converted to actual clients.

Final Thoughts

When generating leads using various marketing methods, always give more importance to quality than quantity. Keep in mind that more leads do not always mean more sales. You may only have a few leads, but if they are quality and high intent, converting them becomes easier. Generating high-quality leads for your business may be challenging but by utilizing a few of the techniques and strategies discussed and making sure that they are done correctly and consistently, it can be attainable.
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